Sunday, November 5, 2017

Canoga Park's Abandoned Rv's are being Towed by LAPD | Baddboyfilms News

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Los Angeles Police are adopting small town methods into legal actions to clean up the streets in all areas, not just in Canoga Park, CA. 

Canoga Park's Abandoned Rv's being Towed by LAPD

A crackdown in Canoga Park, LAPD are working on cleaning the streets of Abandoned Rv's, cars, travel trailers and camper trucks when their license plate sticker registration tags are invalid via California State DMV records. 

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Canoga Park's Abandoned Rv's being Towed by LAPD - YouTube

Published on Nov 5, 2017

The Los Angeles Police (Canoga Park, CA.) of Topanga Police Station , Police Officer Lantz has been working on the general clean-up of the Canoga Park residential area near and around the 21000 block of Valerio St at Milwood Ave by getting the abandoned vehicles, Rv’s and other illegally parked vehicles towed away. 

LAPD Officer Lantz and his partner had been getting multiple companies from residents here on the 21000 block of Valerio St. in Canoga Park in regards to this Rv camper which Police said had been sitting here abandoned for over 6 weeks.

There had been two occupants living inside it and when police showed up with Howard Sommer’s Towing from OPG this morning to remove it, they discovered the two occupants still were sleeping inside. Los Angeles Police had asked the occupants to step outside as they had to answer some questions. The police asked them to get their things and go. 

It was apparently an abandoned Rv and apparently it had two flat tires and a leaky sewage tank. The Police were polite and generous with their professionalism with the occupants of this transit place these people lived in. It was a dirty Rv and all of the windows were broke out. 

The police searched the vehicle for weapons and the occupants, two males, one was a teenager male (name and ID being withheld because he is a minor and homeless, the adult with this minor is unknown who he was, it was unclear where these occupants lived thereafter. 

LAPD is cleaning up the abandoned Rv’s and illegally parked vehicles in and around the neighborhood to make this area safer for the family’s who’s kids go to school here in this area. 
The Police stated that they don’t like to work in an area where the streets are a mess and crime is everywhere. So these two Police Officers are just making some changes to better the quality of living here in Gang Ridden Canoga Park, LAPD Officer Lantz, said.