Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Northridge Crash 3 small children critically injured - LAPD | Raw footage

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LAPD says there is no suspect. All persons have been accounted for at this scene. 
The original police news release is as follows:             

Northridge Crash injured 3 children are in critical condition and hospitalized tonight when a man with a mini truck crashed into their parents car head-on along Roscoe blvd today during rush-hour traffic. 

Editorial/Raw Footage Credits: Baddboyfilms news | Tuesday 3:50 pm, 19500 W. Roscoe Blvd. October 10, 2017 

Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a possible hit & run driver who was driving the 2003 Silver Toyota Tacoma which the driver jumped out of after the crash and left the scene where he hit a pedestrian and another car which had there children, 3 little brothers age range from 18 months, 9 and 10 years old in critical but stable condition, lapd Bill Bustos said. 

The accident occurred just on the east side of Shirley Avenue, South/East corner of 19500 block of Roscoe Boulevard at Shirley Av. 

3 small children critically injured in the Northridge Crash 

Raw footage: 

The man driving the 2003 silver Toyota Tacoma, made a left turn heading South on Shirley from facing Westbound on Roscoe Blvd in the left turning lane and landed head-on into the Blue 4-door 2015 Subaru WRX as they were traveling east bound on Roscoe Boulevard  in the right lane at an unknown amount of speed upon impacting the Toyota Tacoma in it’s passenger’s side front wheel and fender.

 The impact shot both the Toyota pick-up truck and the Subaru into a pedestrian crossing Shirley Av and up into the S/E curb. The vehicles spun and smashed into the homeowner’s front yard’s chain linked fence, ripping them down along the sidewalk. 

The suspect's 2003 Toyota Tacoma came resting to a stop next to the 2015 Subaru WRX and a 18 month old crying baby was strapped in the rear seat behind the driver in the backseat along with two other children aged 9 and 10. The windows were all smashed, a the kids were crying for help to get them out. Still trapped in the Subaru as the man of the 2003 Toyota Tacoma bled from lacerations on his head and had been seen by witnesses crawling from his wreckage to the ground where witnesses ran to help him. 

Seven Rescue Ambulances were on scene at the location by 3:59 pm rushing to save the three minors from the buried subaru that was smashed up against the wall behind the bushes and a fence with the 2003 Toyota Tacoma planted against it.

Firefighters from multiple companies had responded to assist in the extraction of the traffic accident victims. The baby was taken and hand carried by a Los Angeles City Firefighter who rescued him from the wreckage to an awaiting ambulance. 

The other two little boys, which were related brothers to the 18 month old baby were aged 9 and 10 also in serious and critical condition rushed to awaiting ambulances by Firefighters who extracted the two boys from their parent's car. 

The police are still investigating the owner to the vehicle, the registered owner as the possible hit & run driver who left victims at the scene. 

 No motive has been concluded and the police don’t know if alcohol or drugs had played a part in the crash. Surveillance video of the crash had been obtained by LAPD through a private party and that that video will be analyzed by police detectives in the process to help them solve this hit and run traffic accident and bring a closure to this missing suspect case. LAPD officer Bill Bustos said they are treating this as a Hit & Run because the many failed attempts to reach the registered owner of the 2003 Toyota Tacoma, though that might of been updated by now in the news.

LAPD Officer Bustos did state to the news that the children and hospitalized victims were upgraded from critical to serious condition and the small children are why the Tv news showed up. LAPD officer Bill Bustos told reporters for KTLA5 that the kids are in serious condition, they were bloody when officials arrived. The pedestrian was injured with blood all over the pavement and has been transported for treatment. The officer also stated that the minors will not die. They were in a condition with was not death related though in serious condition and needing to be hospitalized quickly, said lapd Bill Bustos. 

Los Angeles Fire Department resigning to a expanded traffic accident at the 19500 block of West Roscoe Boulevard with children reported trapped were BC17, E104, E273, E293, E70, EM12, EM15, EM17, HR70, RA104, RA105, RA106, RA70, RA72, RA93, RA96, T73, T93