Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chatsworth residential structure fire | raw footage

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FIRE alerted a elderly couple when they smelled smoke and clearly heard crackling sounds coming from the vents that lead up into their single story Chatsworth home's attic, Saturday. 

A Chatsworth retired couple stood just outside on the driveway of their home at the 21600 block of west San Jose St as they watched in horror Saturday 9:49pm September 23,  Firefighters working on extinguishing the fire in their attic.

The fire started in the attic. The woman and man in their 60s and 70s were at home when the fire started. It made popping sounds, said the homeowner woman. 

She said she heard loud popping sounds coming from her ceiling in the hallway then she went into her bathroom and saw inside the vent hole there was flames and smoke inside the attic.

Fire Department for assistance. 911 emergency dispatched E107, E287, RA896, RA96, E28, T87, T98, BC15, E104

Firefighters extinguish a Chatsworth couple's house fire on the 21600 block of west San Jose street. 

No injures were reported and the fire was knocked down in 23 minutes. 

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