Saturday, October 28, 2017

Woodland Hills | Hash oil Explosion | Raw Footage | Butane Hash oil

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Marijuana Manufacturing  Op | Woodland Hills, California

Crime scene , LAFD Arson \ LAPD Saturday October 28, 2017 at 7:23 pm 

A large Hash oil fire gathered at the residence of Ahdi and Haleh  who also have two others occupying the home along the 5600 block of North Don Pio Drive in Woodland Hills, CA. 

Raw footage CREDITS: Baddboyfilms News a service of media news Television of Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Firefighters arrived to the house to find the east side of the 7,250 sq. foot lot on fire inside the kitchen area at their stove.

More than 30 Firefighters and Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin leading his crew battled the blaze to get a knockdown time before it could damage anymore homes which were laying in it’s fiery path, said Fire Officials.

The flames had climbed up into the attic and inside the walls of the single story, 3 beds, 2 bath 1,520 sqft house that was built in 1961 according to the Los Angeles Fire Department on scene.

Hash honey oil explosion was what was overheard about between the Firefighters on scene.
The Battalion Chief had called in Los Angeles Fire Department investigators (ARSON Detectives) to handle the investigation leading to the cause for the fire. The Firefighters were talking with investigators and said to each other that they located large pots of Hash oil and Marijuana in a large quantity pressed into pots and cooking over the stove. The stove was one of the areas scorched and the kitchen was blackened entirely.

The ceiling and roof had holes in it where the blast blew the roof out. The Firefighters spend an hour mopping up the embers that got caught in the bushes just outside of the structure the lab was being used to cook down the Hash oil.

Why is Cannabis oil so explosive? 

Butane Hash oil, when it's heated over a stove, it becomes unstable like gasoline. 

The butane bubbles trapped inside the honey like residues are to rise in room temperature but the some stoners try to speed up the process by placing the pan of honey oil onto the stovetop and turn on a low flame under the pan. This creates the oil to heat up faster, thus the bubbles of button are suppose to burn off at the top of the pan though they end up escaping into the room, the house’s kitchen if that’s where the cooking is happening, or if they are cooking it in their garage or some other enclosed spaces.

The air space becomes overloaded with 85% button in the space, the flame is open and therefore it’s like trying to boil gasoline. The fumes ignite, thus the oil explodes because it is dense with bubbles of butane.

Once the butane seeps through the pot and spits resiny goop into a container the solvent will normally boil off at room temperature (60 degrees F). This could take days. But the Hash oil must be worked a little, stirring it slowly to get the the tiny bubbles of butane out of the syrup like honey looking Marijuana resins.

That is why, some stoners and Lab cookers like to heat it up a little on the stove and stir it slowly, allowing for those tiny bubbles to escape the slurry goo looking Honey oil from it’s pan. The butane ignites and the whole place it thrown with sticky fire.

It’s like a Napalm bomb went off in the kitchen because this good sticky substance from the Hash oil pan is stuck on all the walls and ceiling of the house and now the flames are all burning it.
Like a Napalm Bomb exploded.

Napalm is like taking styrofome cups and crushing them then pouring gasoline into the mixture. You will get a goo substance like this, it will stick to anything. But once you ignite it, the stuff it is sticking to will also burn. The U.S. Army used Napalm in Vietnam to kill the people.

This case was turned over to the LAFD as an open ongoing investigation and LAFD are working closely with LAPD and Los Angeles Arson detectives to solve this fire with the city of Los Angeles and find the cause to prevent it from happening again.

Arson stated they have no further comments to the media.

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